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St. John's C of E VC Infants' School

'Let your light shine'
Matthew 5:16

School reopens!

Please see Mrs Turner's update after a week of school.

Boujour, Ni hao, Jambo – HELLO Mums, Dads, Carers and Children

I would like to begin by saying a huge thank you to all the parents who have brought their children back to school this week and completely followed all the new routines that the staff have put in place, to ensure a smooth, safe start to the day for the children.

I would also like to thank all the parents of the children who are staying at home, for keeping the home learning momentum going. Your wonderful, creative activities are continuing to engage the children, clearly evident from the variety of posts we are still seeing on ClassDojo.

What an amazing journey you have all been on this week, travelling around the world!

In Key Stage One you have been to France, China, Australia and Africa all in one week! You have produced some amazing art work, from ‘dancing paper dragons’, ‘drawings of kangaroos’ ,’ flags of the world’, ‘Eiffel Towers’ made from straws and cardboard, wonderful colourful Aboriginal artwork to creating your own Safari, complete with animals, trees, water holes and safari trucks!

I was also impressed by the number of facts you discovered about the countries you visited. Such as in France ‘Brie’ is a famous French Cheese and Monet is a very famous French artist. In China you discovered that their writing is made up of symbols and not letters! One little girl discovered that there is a Camel in North Africa that only has 1 hump!
I also enjoyed listening to many of you counting to 10 in French – what an achievement!

Reception children in their learning both at school and home are travelling ‘Around the World in 7 Continents’ and this week they have visited Africa. I liked the story that Miss Mills posted of ‘Anna Hibicus’ Song’ which was based in Africa and especially liked learning about all the things that make you happy – such as playing hide and seek, bouncing up and down, smelling roses and having ‘Mummy cuddles’.

Did you find out interesting facts about Africa – there are so many to discover.
Many of you enjoyed watching videos of Elephants, Giraffes, Lions and even Hippos and I enjoyed watching you walk like an elephant and performing an African dance!

Here’s an Africa Animal Poem that I like (I hope you do too!)


Giraffes are tall with necks so long
Elephant’s trunks are big and strong
Zebras have stripes and can gallop away
While monkeys in the trees do sway.
Old crocodile swims in the pool so deep
Or lies in the sun and goes to sleep!

Take care, keep safe ………you are all very special.

Wendy Turner

Here are a few photographs from this week's learning in school: