Class 4

Welcome to Otter class.

otterWEBWelcome to Otter class. Our teachers are sj-168Mrs Cullen and Mrs Leach. Mrs Cullen teaches Monday to Wednesday and Mrs Leach teaches on a Thursday and Friday.

The Otter class is a class full of bright, enthusiastic and smiley year one children.

Mrs Cullen has taught across the Infant age range and has been teaching for nine years. She is very passionate about stories and learning to read. She has wanted to be a teacher since she was 10 years old. She loves going to Cornwall on holiday and likes using her sewing machine to make curtains and cushions.

Mrs Leach enjoys sport and gardening. She has been teaching for 4 years in a variety of different settings including main stream and special schools.

We have two class TA’s in the mornings and their names are Mrs Sorill and Mrs Isaacs. Miss Goode is our TA in the afternoons. Mrs Badman also works as a learning support assistants in our class throughout the day.

In the mornings we have Literacy, Maths and Phonics everyday. In the afternoons we have topic and other curriculum activities such as swimming or PE. Tuesday and Thursday afternoons are our PE days. Please make sure you have everything you need to be able to take part fully.

It is important to us that all the children are happy at school therefore if you have any questions or concerns then please come and talk to us.

Autumn Learning Quest is ‘To Infinity and Beyond’

The children started the topic with a visit from Beebop an alien.  We have looked at astronauts including Neil Armstrong and Tim Peake. We have created art work including shaving foam planets and masks. We have also been looking at lots of different materials and whether they would be good for space ship windows.

Spring Learning Quest is How to trap a dragon

The children started this topic with discovering an egg in the paddock. We explored what it could possibly be before finding out it was a dragon. We then created a set of instructions on how to trap a dragon! We have explored a book called ‘The Egg’ and innovated parts to make it about a creature of our own.

Spring 2 Learning Quest is Knights and Castles

The children started this topic with thinking about who would be the best knight! We have created instructions on how to become a knight and have done some innovating creating our own instructions to become something that they chose e.g. a princess, a soldier or an animal. We have looked at different castles and who used to live in them. In DT we have been exploring catapults and have begun to design our own.