Class 1


Welcome to Hedgehog Class.
hhogWEBWe are a very happy Reception Class and we love finding out and exploring wherever we are.

We are very lucky to have two teachers in our class. Our teacher on a Monday is Mrs Morcombe. On Wednesdays, Mrs Morcombe works in a local playgroup, so some children come into our school knowing Mrs Morcombe already. Our teacher from Tuesday to Friday is Mrs Maisey and she loves singing. Mrs Maisey has been teaching for 16 years in lots of schools in the area. For three years Mrs Maisey taught just maths and she still loves finding lots of ways to make numbers exciting. Mrs Maisey is also the SENCO in our school.



Our teaching assistant is Mrs Davis and she loves cooking. We have made loads of delicious treats with her.

We have learnt about lots of different topics, like volcanoes, polar lands, dinosaurs and teeth, and love learning our phonics and our maths every day. We have started doing Read Write Inc, which we are getting really quick at.

We like to write all sorts of things, like letters to our friends, shopping lists, menus, vets and doctors notes, postcards and we are very good at map making. We also love dressing up and putting on shows for each other.

We love to make things and can use all sorts of tools. We are also really good at taking things apart and often have a tinker with a screwdriver!

When the weather is warm enough, the swimming pool is our favourite place to be. We swim on Thursday mornings.